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Welcome to La Manzanilla Homes, the premiere agency for vacation rentals in La Manzanilla — the Jewel of the Costalegre — Jalisco. Our goal is to make your Mexican vacation as comfortable and carefree as it is relaxing, with the utmost attention to your needs.

As you browse through our site, you will find the information you need to select your ideal vacation home-away-from-home, plus other valuable information about La Manzanilla. Feel free to Contact us with any questions!

We have a great team of people working to make your vacation perfect!

Whether you are planning a Costalegre vacation or a longer-term move, La Manzanilla Homes looks forward to helping make it a positive experience. We look forward to working with you soon!

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Ma. Asunción #26B in front of the old Restaurant Quetzal. Visit us or call: +52 (315) 35 153 69

Because La Manzanilla is such a unique destination, new visitors and residents alike usually have a lot of questions. Among other things, a different language, unfamiliar currency, new cultures and customs, and what you have to do to get things done can be very confusing. This is where La Manzanilla Homes is an essential resource for you. Working with us is like a having a friend in town to show you the ropes.

If you are a vacation visitor to this exciting area, we will help get you into the rental best suited to your needs, greet you personally, recommend restaurants and day trips, and be your liaison for any issues with the property. Our goal is to provide such a positive La Manzanilla vacation experience that you will want to come back over and over again.

As an absentee homeowner, you can sleep easier knowing your La Manzanilla home is in excellent and reliable hands. We have access to the best local repairmen and service providers to assure timely and quality upkeep and at all time. Some part-time residents return to two weeks of sweat and toil to get their homes habitable again. With La Manzanilla Homes, you can come back and move right in.

Should you decide to rent your home while you are not in residence, depend on La Manzanilla Homes to provide total attention to every detail to maintain the integrity of your home and the care of your guests. We also can steer you smoothly through the maze of paperwork to legally rent your home.

We are also here to help you get basic services such as phone, Internet, and satellite TV, help you through the legal hoops of obtaining your residency visa and/or working papers, and even provide translation service in Spanish, German and English.

With La Manzanilla Homes on your side, visiting or living in La Manzanilla can be everything you dreamed it would be. Call or email today to join our family of happy clients.

Hasta Pronto!

La Manzanilla Homes

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