Home Management
fee: $2,100 pesos

Administration and Link

• Translation and consultation of general information,
• Correspondence via email,
• Receiving calls from homeowners,
• Delivery of accounting and information about your home during your stay or via e-mail.


• Capture and storage of bills for incomes and expenses in to accounting of the house with monthly delivery to the owners e-mail,
• Calculation and payment of wages and benefits to workers of the homes,
• Payment of services like electricity, phone / Internet, water, house taxes and Ejido taxes,
• Shopping of cleaning and home supplies,
• Currency exchange, receiving checks and wire transfers,
• Preparation of legal invoices and payment of income taxes generated,
• File and process expense deduction of paid taxes.


• Weekly monitoring of house reviewing basic issues like that the cleaning and gardening staff is performing as desired by the customer, search for leaks in propane and water pipes, moth in wooden furniture, etc. (protocol
• Monthly monitoring of homes with supervision format looking at electrical, plumbing, walls, floors, ceilings, humiditie spots, pool, garden, ironwork, doors and windows, sheets and towels, furniture, etc. reviewing with a customized format for each house (format 1.3)
• Semester monitoring (beginning and end of the season) with inventory (please review and approve format )
• Monitor home with reduced inventory at entrance or exit of guests at the home.
• Supervision of maintenance and remodetation works, at the beginning and end of the workday ensuring the quality and progress of work and safety of the building.
• Ensure the provision of water and propane, as well as the availability of phone / Internet, electricity and water.


• Implementation of preventive maintenance as draining water heaters, clean and lubricate fans, doors and windows, etc, *
• Monitoring and planning fumigation, *
• Propose solutions to problems in homes,
• Provide solutions to simple problems in plumbing and electricity,
• Search for trained staff to solve problems that require skilled labor,
• Elaborate estimates for maintenance and renovations in bilingual format, comparing quality and price always looking for the most convenient option,
• Development of maintenance note at the end of the labor,
• Search, purchase and transport necessary repair and renovation material.


Whe have two different kinds of housekeepers, the ones hired by you and the ones hired directly by La Manzanilla Homes.

☐ By you: You basically leave funds with us to cover the weekly or monthly payment of your housekeeper. If he/she has or not a contract, health insurance and others is directly your responsabilitie. If any legal situation should raise, you are responsible for dealing with it as well as the expeses.

☐ By La Manzanilla Homes: whe legaly hire them meaning that all of their legal rights are covered by us, such as:

  • Contract,
  • Health insurance, retirement fund, Infonavit,
  • Vacations and 25% vacation pay,
  • Christmas bonus,
  • Utilities,
  • Setlement and liquidation in case of letting go of the worker,
  • If ever any legal situation should raise, whe will directly deal with them and you have no responsibilities towards the worker other than a smile when she has cleaned your house.

This service has a cost of $60 pesos per hour as we will cover all of the expenses above mentioned. We also make sure she has the proper training and is updated about all the cleaning tips and tricks whe have found out.


☐ We work with Jenaro Chavarín that is an independent contractor who will do basic maintenance of your garden usually 3 times per week. He is no expertee in the field but will do the basic watering and cleaning, as well as fertilizing from time to time (fertilizer not included in his monthly rate).

☐ If you already have a gardener and you like how he works, you can keep him as is and we will pay him per week or month and supervise his work.

Pool maintenance*

☐ We work with Lupe Chavarín and he is as well an independent contractor. He will come clean and put the proper chemicals in your pool 3 times per week. He works the pumps and cleans the filters. If something went wrong he will let us know and we will proceed with the maintenance needed.

☐ If you have your pool with someone already set up we will pay him per month and supervise his work for you.

Additional Services:Fee:
(Prices in pesos)
Fumigation Palapa *$ 1000
Fumigation complete* (regular sized home)$ 1000
Fumigation complete* (large home)$ 1,600
Small repairs that we can handle$ 100 hour/or job
Contracting and/or supervision of workers for repairs, remodelations etc10%/job, min. $500
Phone/Internet contract and supervision of installation$ 1000
Sat TV contract and installation$ 500 + box
Shopping service (beverages or other household supplies before arrivals available in town or Melaque)$ 200/shopping
Calculation and paperwork for car, home, medical insurance or severance payments for your workers$ 500
Translation and consultation$ 300/hour

Prices are subject to change. Please also check our Rental Management service in addition to the Property Management.

* This services are not included in the Home Management package price and will be charged separately.