Surrounding Areas


Approximately half an hour driving North on Highway 200. There is no bus connection from La Manzanilla but the local Taxies bring you and pick you up again at an agreed on time.

Visit the beach called «El Aquarium» for great snorkeling. Please note: this unique coralreef is protected. Take advise from the locals to not step on it and leave the coral pieces were they are. 

Barra de Navidad
20 Min. driving South on Highway 200 Barra is a great place to buy souvenirs or to enjoy the nightlife on weekends.
On the very South end of the beach is a great spot for amateur surfers. There are a couple of stores offering classes and renting boards.

You may also enjoy to take a boat over through the lagoon of Barra and the half island of Colimilla passing Hotel Gran Bay.

Turn right at the intersection before driving into Melaque.
A tiny little bay Cuestecomate-beach is very quiet and has only 3 or 4 beach-front restaurants. The ocean is calm even on days when other bays are rough.

La Vena
Drive through Hotel Blue Bay to the very end of the beach. A beach with true paradise setting!!! The security gards at Hotel Blue Bay might ask for your ID or Drivers License to pass. No drinks nor food are allowed to bring in but you can buy some at the small restaurant right on the beach.

Agua Caliente
About 20km north from La Manzanilla is a small town called Agua Caliente and a river with termal waters goes right trough it. We recommend to walk up the river until you find a shady spot and relax in the warm water (or hot depending on the spot you choose).

Careyes and Careyitos
40km north from La Manzanilla is Careyes town and a lovely little beach called Careyitos. Enjoy international food and ice cream at Careyes town as well as a great art gallery and the most stunning sunset at Careyitos beach.