Travel Tips

Tips for enjoying your stay in La Manzanilla.

  • Stay «cool» during the hours between midday and sunset. Avoid running around or doing heavy physical activities during those hours. Take it easy, take a «siesta»!
  • Wear cotton clothes and get used to being sweaty (perspiration is a mechanism of the body to cool off!).
  • Drink more water than you usually do. Use the bottled water («garrafon») or mineral waters sold in the stores. Once the «garrafon» is empty you can purchase more from the truck that passes every morning (you will hear the horn honking as it comes down the street) or at the local stores (about $15 pesos).
  • Watch the waters! La Manzanilla has usually a gentle surf, still and especially at places where the bay opens up watch for currents or higher waves. Seasonally there can be stingrays (usually in February), shuffle your feet walking into the water which will make them move away, or jellyfish (usually during May). If stung by a stingray use water as hot as you can stand to neutralize the poison. Jellyfish can be rubbed off with warm sand. See a doctor if you start feeling dizzy or have an allergic reaction. Check here for more information about the dangers of the sea.
  • Scorpions: Check your clothes before putting them on and trust your intuition. If stung by one see Martha at the Farmacia or the Doctor at the Centro de Salud. Drive to Melaque’s Centro de Salud if neither is available. Rentals managed by La Manzanilla Homes are fumigated regulary.
  • Fruits and Veggies: that you can peel or remove the skin are fine to eat without disinfecting. Just wash and rinse with tap water and dry them before peeling. Other fruits and vegetables should be rinsed and then soaked for 10 minutes or so in a bowl of tap water with drops of Microdyn added per instructions on the bottle. Microdyn is available at the local stores. Read also this interesting article about food safety.
  • Money ex-change and Banks: There is no ATM machine in La Manzanilla or a place to ex-change money but many stores and restaurants accept US or Canadian dollars. For better ex-change rates drive to Melaque (aprox. 20 minutes). Melaque has a Bank with an ATM and on the same road two money ex-change places. You might also consider to change your money right away at the airport.
  • Tipping: Waiters get paid small (or no) wages as they usually top the income up with the tips they get. A 15% tip is considered the average throughout Mexico. If you only consume drinks 10% is welcome. If you are happy with the housekeeper you can tip her every time she cleans or at the end of your stay ($5 to 20 usd are the average tip at the end of your vacation). It is common practice to tip the Pemex employer ($50 cents to $1 usd) when you get gas.
  • Garbage: is separated in La Manzanilla. Please store transparent and white plastic in separate bags as well as soda or beer cans.
  • Watch your stuff: La Manzanilla has very little crime. But, many thefts are crimes of opportunity. Do not invite it by leaving your doors unlocked or valuables laying around.
  • Mosquitos: If you are a -mosquito magnet, keep in mind that they and jejenes (no-see-ums) are most active during and after sunset. Wear long sleeves and pants, and carry your favorite insect repellent. Autan repellent is available at the pharmacy and in several tiendas throughout town.
  • Bats: are common and harmeless here.
  • Toilet paper: as in most places in Mexico, please put all toilet paper in the waste baskets rather than the toilet.

It’s always helpful to check travel advisories.

Enjoy your stay!