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What you want to know about La Manzanilla

This small fishing village is much more than that, but is still a small fishing village. So here are a couple tips and tricks about La Manz, you know, those that make your stay here a little easier:

  • There are two ATM’s, but only one of them accepts international bank cards and yes, it isn’t always working. There is more ATM’s in Melaque, you can get there by bus (see bus schedule here) or by taxi (see taxi contacts here).
  • Summer month’s can be REALLY WARM! So stay in the shade between 12 and 5, take a siesta and drink a lot of water or even better, drink a coconut!
  • Winter month’s are not as warm, but still, keep it cool during sun hours. During the night it might get a little fresh and you will need to cover up a little.
  • Mosquitoes can be really annoying, so put on some repellent and/or wear long sleeves at sunset.
  •  If you are vegan, vegetarian, celiac, etc. you need to know the choices here are reduced but it is in no way impossible to follow your diet. Look for your groceries in the right spot:
    • Lidia’s mini super market for fresh veggies, almond milk, tofu, etc.
    • Omar’s deli store for other goodies.
    • La semilla zero waste store for seeds, cereals, honey, etc.
    • Leia’s bakery for good bread, gluten free muffin, etc.
    • Friday market on the square for more veggies, coconut oil, etc.If you need something else don’t hesitate to contact us and ask, we’re always happy to help out.
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